Help: Browse Periodicals

Browse Periodicals allows you to find periodical records and articles by title.

Periodicals can be browsed alphabetically by title, with one letter of the alphabet displayed at a time. To view periodicals whose titles begin with a particular letter simply click on the linked letter in the alphabet displayed at the top of the page. If there are no periodicals whose titles begin with a specific letter that letter will be greyed out and will not be linked.

Each Browse Periodicals page will list the records for periodicals beginning with the current letter. The current letter is indicated in the main page heading. Each record includes the number of the record in the current list, the periodical title, issue dates, subject terms and an 'Add to Marked list' check box.

Selecting records

You can select records in Browse Periodicals and transfer them to the Marked List:

  1. Check the Add to Marked List box within an entry to select the individual record, or click Mark/Clear all items on this page to select all the records on the current page.

The selected records will be transferred to your Marked List. Selected records, as well as having their Add to Marked List Box checked, will have a darker background colour to records that have not been selected.

To de-select records either:

  • Check theAdd to Marked Listbox within an entry
  • or check theMark/Clear all items on this page to de-select all the records on the page

You can click the Marked List link to view the current entries in your Marked List at any time.

Displaying the periodical record

To view the periodical record page for an item in Browse Periodicals, click the hyperlinked record title.