Help: Search History

What is the Search History page?

The Search History page records all the searches you have run during the current session. It allows you to run searches again, modify them, combine them with other searches or delete them from your list.

Note that the searches on the Search History page are only retained for a single session, so any information recorded there will be lost once you exit The Gerritsen Collection. If you want to keep a search beyond the current session then you must save it to the My Archive area.

Click the Search History link in the main areas of The Gerritsen Collection to open the Search History index.

Note that only the terms of your search are recorded, not the results of the search itself.

Each entry in the list consists of:

  • A number to indicate the position of a search in the list. Your most recent search will be at the top of the list.
  • The terms that make up your search
  • Tn Add to My Archive link
  • T Modify Search link
  • The number of results retrieved by the search.

Running a search

  1. Click the hyperlinked search terms for the search you want to run.

The results of the search will be displayed on the Search Results page in the sort order chosen for the original search.

Adding a search to My Archive

To save a search for use beyond the length of the current session you must save it to My Archive:

  1. Click the Add to My Archive link next to the search in the list. The My Archive: Name a Saved Search page is displayed. If you are not already logged into My Archive, you will be prompted to do so.
  2. Enter a name for your search and click the Save button. The My Archive: Saved Searches page is displayed showing your search at the top of the list.

Modifying a search

You may want to change elements of a search to widen or narrow the scope. Instead of having to enter your search terms all over again, you can use the Modify Search link.

  1. Click the Modify Search link corresponding to the search you want to alter. The search page, along with all the search terms you originally specified, is displayed.
  2. Edit the terms you want to change and click the Search button to run the search with your revised terms.

Clearing searches

  1. Click the Clear these searches link to remove all searches from the current list.

Combining searches

You may wish to combine previous searches from the Search History list and see how it affects the number of results retrieved:

  1. Type the numbers of the two searches into the Combine Searches boxes.
  2. Select the required Boolean operator from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the Combine Searches button to run the new search.

When the search is complete the Search Results page will open.